Welcome to Draper Brewing. Draper started  in 2010 located in Tenmile, Oregon (left) nestled between the wineries of the beautiful Umpqua Valley.

The original Draper brews were done on a one barrel system which has since been replaced by a 5 bbl system. All current brews are fermented in an open primary fermentor in old world tradition. All bottled beers are naturally carbonated by means of a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Every bottle is  sanitized, filled, capped and  packaged by hand.

The Thirsty Pilgrim meets Sam

Posted byJoe Stange on September 10, 2010   • 

"...As it happens, Sam is one of the new kids in school, trying to make friends. Friends who buy beer. You see, Sam recently started up a real honest-to-goodness one-barrel nanobrewery. That was his word for it.
A few places in the Winston-Roseburg area are selling his Draper Brewing beers, made in nearby Tenmile. I got to taste a few of them at Harvest--a cream ale, an IPA, and a chocolate stout. I'll say that all were well above average. Dryish and well attenuated. Plenty of character. Drinkable. And those are always the main items on my checklist..."